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A Handbook to Accompany the Online Short-Circuit Calculation Program

Annotation: This program, other programs, or hand calculation can be used to perform short-circuit calculations. Any method used requires specific data on the power distribution system. All this data is converted to short circuit MVA values (SC MVA) for each component in the system. This paper describes the data needed for each type of circuit component and how to obtain the data. It also describes method and advantages of using the online short circuit program to calculate available short-circuit currents.
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Steps of performing short circuit analysis:


Create an account if you don't already have one, and log onto the page where you can add components one by one to build up a radial electrical distribution system. The components can be a power source, transformers, bus ducts, cables, motors and generators, or "special" components whereby the user can define his own X and R values for a non-standard device.

2. Build a one line diagram of distribution system [example].

Pre-assign each basic component within the industrial electrical distribution system a single short circuit MVA factor (SC MVA) based on the impedance it adds to the system, and X/R ratio [more...].


Develop a hierarchical tree in terms of database records [more...]


Now, as you have all the required data on hand, program in your power distribution system. When finished, click Display button to calculate symmetrical 3 phase bolted fault short circuit MVA from the data compiled in steps 1 to 4.

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